LPC’s advanced manufacturing facility uses cutting edge technology, such as Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Technology (CAD/CAM). The current methods of production used by LPC are as follows:

  1. CNC Single and Double Pallet Vertical Machining Centres
  2. CNC Horizontal Milling Centres
  3. CNC Single, Multi-Axis and Robot Loaded Turning Centres
  4. High Volume Production 9 Station Rotary Transfer Machine
    with Robot Loading
  5. Various Rotary Transfer Machines
  6. Robust Fixturing Methodologies
  7. Highly trained and motivated work force
  8. Standardisation of Processes

The above machinery and the investment in the latest, state of the art Robot Loading Cells, minimises operator involvement and ensures a lean manufacturing process. Therefore, production costs are competitive against those of China, India and Eastern Europe that typically have low labour costs.

The process is also directly linked to an electronic data interchange (EDI) which links customers into the process. This is a two-way facility which gives customers up to date tracking times and enables
LPC to identify scheduling information, orders and the capacity for self-billed invoicing.

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Components are subsequently delivered directly to customer assembly lines. An economical and efficient production route is achieved by arranging the manufacturing facilities into flexible manufacturing cells supervised by dedicated management and production teams. 

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