Case Study – Compressor Cover

  1. LPC developed its own casting and machining process for compressor covers.
  2. LPC was able to demonstrate its engineering expertise by redesigning the customer specification to allow the casting process to be simplified.
  3. Magma Flow simulations were carried out to develop runner and feeder systems to optimise the die designs.
  4. LPC managed the project from inception through to current volume production at a weekly rate of 6000 parts per week.
  5. LPC received a prestigious customer accolade recognising its engineering and commercial success on this project, where customer expectations and milestones were exceeded.

Case Study – Steering Column Projects

LPC produced and supplied various steering & column shaft components for two major european OEM's.

  1. Machinery used – Star S20 Sliding head machine.
  2. Machined 450,000 parts during 3 years of production.
  3. Demonstrated zero defect on the supply of this project
    resulting in a score of zero PPM.
  4. Used returnable packaging.

bmw cs med

stering collum .png

stering collum cs medium